Iglesia Ni Cristo members are Anti-Aquino government advocates

Iglesia Ni Cristo prefers Gloria Arroyo than Noynoy Aquino.

Sure, INC cult voted Noynoy Aquino as president in the 2010 Philippine election, but it is because that Noynoy Aquino was leading all surveys. INC made a mistake by supporting Mar Roxas as vice-President because eventually, Jojo Binay won the Vice-Presidential race.

In social media like Facebook and Twitter, Iglesia Ni Cristo members are up in arms in demonizing the Noynoy Aquino government. A move which they did not do with Gloria Arroyo. (Gloria Arroyo is perceived as the most corrupt Philippine president). In the Renato Corona impeachment trial, INC members showed their support in their twitter accounts and by attending the Feb. 28 rally for the problematic judge.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members are also angry when Noynoy Aquino dismissed INC member Magtanggol Gatdula from NBI when he was allegedly involved in a kidnapping/extortion case involving a Japanese woman. Gatdula is refusing to cooperate with the NBI investigation about his case. Never mind whether Gatdula was innocent or not, but INC members took it personally when their co-Church member was dismissed for a wrong doing. Obviously - Magtanggol Gatdula, Eduardo Manalo and all INC members was embarrassed by the whole kidnapping/extortion case. Why is that Gatdula and the whole INC legal department filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) about the NBI investigation on his case instead of fighting for his innocence?

Iglesia Ni Cristo is surely missing Gloria Arroyo in Malacanang.

image credit to inquirer.net

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  1. Despite undeniable facts, bakit corrupt officials ang sinusuportahan ng mga INC?

  2. INC, there is no freedom to choose whom you will vote during election, whatever the head of INC wish/choice of candidates will vote during election time was dictated to their respective members.