Dilemma of Iglesia Ni Cristo on Leila de Lima

The political cult group is having a dilemma over the current Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima. Previously, the cult of the Manalo family rejoiced when 2 INC members became secretary of justice under the Estrada administration. Serafin Cuevas became the secretary of Justice immediately after Joseph Estrada was elected as the Philippine president in 1998. Cuevas was dismissed from his post after a terrible performance and with series of controversial issues. He was replaced by another INC member Artemio Tuquero. I am thinking that the only reason why Cuevas and Tuquero was put into as Justice secretary was because of the INC endorsement for Estrada in 1998 presidential election.

Time and things are different now under Noynoy Aquino administration. Corruption is not as vulgar and cruel compared to the administration of Gloria Arroyo. Sec. Leila de Lima caught the attention and adoration of Filipinos when she resisted the alleged planned escape of Gloria Arroyo in NAIA. She insisted that the Hold Departure order against Arroyo is in effect. (Arroyo is believed to be the most corrupt Philippine president and a close political ally of the INC Manalo family). There are 2 major issues why the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is scratching their head over Sec. Leila de Lima. The 2 big cases which are now being handled by Sec. de Lima that hurts INC are: The Ruby Rose Slay case and the Magtanggol Gatdula kidnapping/extortion case. Both involves INC cult members.

Ruby Rose Slay Case

The suspected killer-turned into witness of the Ruby Rose Slay Case pointed Lope Jimenez as the mastermind in killing his niece-in-law Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez. Lope Jimenez allegedly ordered the killer of Ruby Rose to abduct and murder Ruby Rose, and seal her body in cement inside a metal drum. The last justice secretary of Gloria Arroyo, Agnes Devanadera dropped the case against Lope Jimenez but was reversed by Leila de Lima.

Lope Jimenez is a Manalo follower, an Iglesia Ni Cristo cult member. Some believe that Lope joined INC just to protest his fishing business. Who is the lawyer of Lope Jimenez? It's Ferdinand Topacio, also an INC member. Who is Ferdinand Topacio? The lawyer of Gloria Arroyo. (Gloria Arroyo is a close political ally of the Manalo family of Iglesia Ni Cristo cult)

Gatdula Case

The kidnapping and extortion case of Magtanggol Gatdula is a very high-profile case since it involves a Japanese woman as the victim and an NBI director as one of its main suspect. Gatdula was dismissed from his post after an investigation following the expose of Mon Tulfo on his column in Inquirer. The appointment of Magtanggol Gatdula as NBI chief was backed by Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. Now that Gatdula is in trouble, who is Gatdula's lawyer? It's Abraham Espejo, also an INC member. Who is Abraham Espejo? He is the Dean of New Era College of Law, New Era University is owned by the leadership of the INC. Lawyers of Gatdula are all members of INC and professors at the NE university.

The head of Iglesia Ni Cristo Legal Department is Dorothy Kristine Manalo, daughter of INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo. (Dorothy was reported to have failed her first bar exam take and Erano Manalo tried to appeal it but failed). As we can see, INC is in full support for Gatdula. The INC Legal Department are ready to fight for their 'kapatid' Magtanggol Gatdula.

I support Leila de Lima in her tough fight against corruption.

She is now facing a very ruthless and determined political group.

Woe unto Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Woe unto the Manalo family.

Kudos to Leila de Lima.

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  1. I feel very sorry for the author of this article.

    The author is mis-informed, a liar, very jealous and bitter.

    1. I feel sorry for you most especially. You cannot handle the truth. The truth will always set things free. INK is a cult, since it's very beginning during the pre war era and up to now. INK will always be a cult no matter what the reasoning is. The INK was, is and will never be a church worthy of worshiping the ONE True GOD.

    2. do you have the evidence to say that the author is a liar?or maybe you are in denial...

    3. No, you're wrong! The article is very accurate and informative.

    4. You are butt hurt. Care to refute all the points that the author raised instead of an ad hominem attack?

  2. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/07/08/14/man-hires-private-eye-spy-cheating-wife


    Posted at 07/08/2014 10:22 AM | Updated as of 07/08/2014 10:22 AM
    MANILA – A man caught his wife with another man inside a motel in Pasig City on Monday evening.

    The man, who identified himself as Abraham Espejo, said he hired a private detective to spy on his wife after he grew suspicious of the latter's activities.

    Espejo said he followed his wife and the latter's lover at a motel. He then barged into the room where his wife and the man checked in.

    He said his surprised wife went straight to the bathroom while her lover tried to fight back.

    Espejo said he is considering filing an adultery charge against his wife and concubinage against the man.

    Espejo, however, said he may forgive his wife if the latter will repent for her mistake.

    ''Kung siya ay magbabago, kung sya ay magpapakabait, kung siya ay hihingi ng kapatawaran pag-iisipan ko baka mapatawad ko pa,'' he said. – report from Raia Capulong, ABS-CBN News

    • Lawyer (husband) is named Abraham Espejo, same name with INC member and Dean of New Era College of Law and lawyer ni exNBI Gatdula
    • wife is presumably also INC member
    • Minister (INC? or different denomination? di ba Pastor ang tawag sa iba?)
    • Bakit after 2 days ng report, binago ng ABS-CBN report from Abraham Espejo ang pangalan ng husband eh, Abraham na lang ngayon?
    • Bakit hindi binanggit ng PhilStar ang pangalan ng husband sa report nila?
    • Posible bang dalawa ang lawyer na may pangalang Abraham Espejo sa Pilipinas?
    • o yung lawyer na Abraham Espejo sa report at yung INC member na Abraham Espejo ay iisa?
    • Tinatago yata ng ABS-CBN and Philstar ang pangalang Abraham Espejo?

    • Patatawarin ba ng INC ang INC member na babaeng nangangalunya, or tiwalag agad?
    • kung INC minister yung nahuling kasama ng asawa ni INC Abraham Espejo, matitiwalag ba si INC Minister?

  3. http://www.philstar.com/metro/2014/07/09/1344077/lawyer-catches-wife-bed-minister

    MANILA, Philippines - A lawyer caught his wife having sex with their religious group’s minister in a motel room in Pasig City Monday.

    The lawyer, 51, was accompanied by a police officer and some barangay officials when he barged into the motel room and they saw the minister, 50, in bed with the lawyer’s 42-year-old wife.

    The minister was brought to the Eastern Police District (EPD) annex for investigation.

    The couple and their minister live in the same barangay in Marikina City, said Senior Police Officer 3 Bobby Lumiwan of the EPD’s criminal investigation unit (CIU).

    Several days ago, the lawyer hired the services of detectives from the Eyespy Detectives and Investigators Co. following reports that his wife had been having an affair with the minister, Lumiwan said.

    At about 6 p.m. Monday, a detective informed the lawyer that his wife and the minister were in a car and had parked the vehicle in the garage of a motel along Hillcrest Drive in Pasig City.

    Nation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1
    Accompanied by his police escort, Senior Police Officer 1 Noel Nuñez Jr., the lawyer sought the help of barangay officials and rushed to the motel. He kicked the door of the motel room and found his wife and the minister naked in bed, Lumiwan said.

    The lawyer claimed the minister punched him and forced him to retaliate.

    The lawyer’s wife, on the other hand, rushed to the bathroom to put on her clothes, according to the barangay officials.

    With the help of Nuñez and the barangay officials, the lawyer managed to handcuff the minister and brought him, along with his wife, to the EPD annex, where the lawyer lodged a formal complaint.

    The lawyer’s wife claimed they were just talking and eating in the motel room.

    The minister, who is separated from his wife, told Lumawin that his relationship with the lawyer’s wife is not “full-blown.”

    EPD-CIU chief Senior Inspector Edilberto Sanchez ordered yesterday the filing of adultery charges against the minister and the lawyer’s wife with the Pasig prosecutor’s office.

  4. This cult will be exposed soon.
    I quit this religious group when I'm in college, more than 25 years ago

  5. http://www.hatawtabloid.com/2014/07/09/misis-at-lover-tiklo-sa-motel-ministro-pinendeho-2/

    Misis at lover tiklo sa motel (Ministro pinendeho)

    KALABOSO ang misis at ang kanyang kalaguyo makaraan maaktohan ng mismong asawang abogado na magkapatong sa loob ng isang motel sa Pasig City kamakalawa ng gabi.

    Kinilala ng pulisya ang nagreklamong mister na si Atty. Abraham Constante Espejo, 51, isang ministro ng kilalang sekta, at residente ng Marikina City.

    Habang ang mga inireklamo ay sina Marie Anntoinette Espejo alyas Bubbles, 42, at Ariel Gonzales, 50, isa rin kasamahan sa sekta ng nagreklamo at residente rin ng Marikina City.

    Sa ulat, 9:30 p.m. nang maaktohan ang magkalaguyo sa Victoria Court hotel sa Hillcrest Drive, Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City.

    Sa tulong ng ilang pulis at barangay ay pinasok ng abogado ang silid na kinaroroonan ng kanyang misis na tumakbo sa loob ng banyo habang nakipagsuntukan ang kalaguyo bago naposasan at nadala sa himpilan ng pulisya.

    Nauna rito ay naghinala na si Espejo na may ginagawang kalokohan ang asawa kaya’t kumuha ng private detective para sundan ang mga kilos ng ginang hanggang masundan sa loob ng nasabing motel.

    Ang dalawa ay kakasuhan ng adultery at concubinage sa piskalya.

  6. http://kickerdaily.com/lawyer-husband-catches-wife-inside-a-pasig-hotel-with-a-minister/

    MANILA, Philippines – A 51-year-old lawyer suspects his wife of having an affair with the minister of a religious congregation in Marikina City, so he hired a private detective from Eyespy Detectives and Investigators Co. to follow them to their forbidden tryst.

    Lawyer-husband catches wife inside a Pasig hotel with a minister
    BY E.J. CARLEON – JULY 9, 2014

    The spy followed the 42-year-old woman and her 50-year-old lover and the trail ended up at a hotel room in Pasig City.

    At around 6:00 pm Monday, July 07, the lawyer-husband received a report from the private detective that his wife and the minister were in a car together and has parked inside a motel garage along Hillcrest Drive in Pasig.

    He then sought the help of Senior Police Officer 1 Noel Nuñez Jr. as well as the assistance of the barangay officials in the area before proceeding quickly to the motel. Kicking the room to forcibly open, they found the woman and the minister both naked on top of the bed.

    A fight ensued between the lawyer and the minister where the former was reportedly hit in the face and was forced to fight back.

    The wife, meanwhile, immediately went inside the bathroom to grab her clothing. She told police they were merely ‘talking’ and ‘eating’ inside the motel room.

    But the minister admitted theirs was not a ‘full-blown’ relationship. He is believed to be separated from his wife.

    The couple and the wife’s lover reportedly lives in the same neighborhood in Marikina City.

    Senior Police Officer 3 Bobby Lumiwan of the EPD’s criminal investigation unit (CIU) said the minister and the woman have been brought to the police station for investigation. The enraged husband has already filed a formal complaint against his wife and her lover.

    The EPD-CIU office has also ordered the filing of adultery charge against the two. If found guilty, both the accused could face a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment as per the Revised Penal Code.

  7. in my opinion it is this is true

  8. Kudos for the author of this article..

  9. Kudos to the author... just beware of these INC Cult they really mean to kill people outside their church... so ruthless... these and many more INC related murder cases... to add to these is the INC ministers / members involved in a case slayed the 5 Catholics because of heated basketball game... just google it...

  10. Kudos to the author.

    The author is not mis-informed, not a liar, not jealous nor bitter. The author just simply saying the truth.

  11. Well, telling the world that their church is the only one going to be saved and every single religious denomination on Earth is of the devil is pretty much BITTER as well.

  12. https://incsilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/paghina-ng-mga-handog-anino-ng-paghina-ng-sanggunian/