Iglesia Ni Cristo NBI chief Gatdula dismissed

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Manila Philippines - NBI Chief Magtanggol Gatdula was ordered to be dismissed from his post after being implicated for a kidnapping and extortion charges from a Japanese woman. I was already suspicious with Gatdula's appointment when I found out that he is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member and was endorsed by the INC political cult to the post on NBI. (Court of Appeals Presiding Justice Ruben Reyes was appointed by Gloria Arroyo to the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 2007, his appointment was backed by Iglesia Ni Cristo. Later, Reyes was barred from practicing law because of being guilty of gross misconduct.)

Before the Iglesia Ni Cristo started endorsing their INC members to be appointed as NBI chief, the head of the Bureau was traditionally being picked among the insiders or came from the NBI personnel itself. Then INC started to endorsed Reynaldo Wycoco and then Magtanggol Gatdula, both INC members. During his stay in NBI, Reynaldo Wycoco was involved in different issues and scandal. Now, Magtanggol Gatdula have embarrassed the reputation of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Kidnapping and Extortion are both heavy crimes for a supposedly officer to protect and serve the people.

Political cult Iglesia Ni Cristo is dangerous and has been infesting the Philippine political arena for several decades already. INC is involved with Government Appointments. They endorse INC members for their desired government positions. Iglesia Ni Cristo also uses their religious doctrine of bloc voting in endorsing political candidates during elections in the Philippines. Pay-offs or money are reported to be paid in exchange of the political endorsement of INC of the Manalo family. Extortion in exchange for Election endorsement by INC? Residents in on Bulacan Municipality have previously alleged that INC leaders sold the promise of bloc votes to local candidates. In Cebu, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia exposed that she previously failed to get an INC endorsement after she refused a request/demand by an INC minister in Cebu to release a payment of a contract involving the purchase of the camera used in a summit.

I don't think that the dismissal of Magtanggol Gatdula from his NBI post is a political Vendetta of PNoy against the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is obvious that INC is behind Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts since INC lawyers are defending Arroyo, Merceditas Gutierrez and Renato Corona. The case filed against Gatdula was brought by Gatdula to himself alone. Kidnapping and extortion are both serious matters and cannot be simply made up politically. The criminal charges against the INC member Gatdula occurred even before the Corona impeachment. The clear involvement, testimonies and evidences against Magtanggol Gatdula of kidnapping and extortion cannot be made overnight. Of course, INC members and administration was obviously hurt by this total embarrassment made by their co-INC member Gatdula. The criminal intent is clear.

Watch your back President Noynoy Aquino. The cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo was humiliated and they simply cannot ignore this kind of embarrassment. Historically, INC joined EDSA 3 in protest against the Philippine government. INC members were hurt and died in EDSA 3. The cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is using the doctrine of the Manalo family for different kind of motives; politically, personally and wickedly.

• Artemio Tuquero is a legal counsel of Gloria Arroyo

• Serafin Cuevas legal counsel of Merceditas Gutierrez and Renato Corona

• Ferdinand Topacio is a personal attorney of Gloria Arroyo

Artemio Tuquero, Serafin Cuevas and Ferdinand Topacio are Iglesia Ni Cristo members.

INC Erano Manalo and Eduardo Manalo are both political allies of Gloria Arroyo.

Magtanggol Gatdula, NBI, Iglesia Ni Cristo, INC, politics, cult, corruption, kidnapping, extortion, Manalo family, Gloria Arroyo

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