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Manila, Philippines - After reading news about Iglesia Ni Cristo members abusing their powers as NBI operatives, I am now scared of National Bureau of Investigation. INC members tarnished the clean reputation of NBI. Ordinary Filipinos and taxpayers are now frightened whenever NBI is being mentioned thanks to ex NBI chiefs Reynaldo Wycoco, Magtanggol Gatdula and some INC members inside NBI. It was reported that the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult group endorsed Magtanggol Gatdula, what a shame. Magtanggol Gatdula is now facing Kidnapping and Extortion charges. Like INC member Reynaldo Wycoco, Magtanggol Gatdula are former NBI chiefs who brought shame and embarrassment to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). President Noynoy Aquino lost his trust to Gatdula after hearing the news about the Kidnapping and Extortion charges against Gatdula. Gatdula has been ordered to turn over the Japanese lady to Bureau of Immigration but refused to do so, insubordination indeed. Why did Gatdula refused to turn over the Japanese alien? because of Money, ransom or refusal to admit guilt?

This is not the first time that an Iglesia Ni Cristo member brought shame to NBI. Reynaldo Wycoco (back when he was still alive) was involved with different scandals inside NBI. Wycoco scandalized NBI when a witness (whistle blower) Acsa Ramirez was presented as a suspect. Wycoco also informed former President Arroyo that Pentagon Gang leader Faizal Marohombsar was already willing to surrender, but later, Arroyo have to publicly apologize for the false information. Wycoco, an INC member obviously shame to NBI. Sadly after Wycoco, Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsed another INC member for the NBI top post. Gatdula was appointed to be NBI chief but failed to give honor to his job.

I hope the next NBI Chief will not be an INC member. Wycoco and Gatdula was a failure. We need to clean up NBI. As President Noynoy Aquino have said, he is looking for a tough and clean public servant and law enforcer as the next NBI chief. We do not need people like Magtanggol Gatdula. We do not need scalawag INC members in NBI. To Server and Protect. With Honor and Integrity. Not with insubordination, kidnapping and extortion.

I think, Iglesia Ni Cristo failed in teaching good values to some of its members. Crimes involving INC members have been reported in Philippine newspapers even including massacre inside an INC chapel, INC member killed a whole INC family members inside an INC compound and now INC member involved in a high profile case. The Manalo family enjoyed their rule since Felix Manalo founded INC in 1913. Felix Manalo was also accused of raping many women. Erano Manalo was involved and numerous political activities. Eduardo Manalo is still struggling to make a name for his leadership. Inheriting leadership from his father does not make him a good leader. Good leadership needs skill and character. I am still waiting if Eduardo Manalo will expel questionable INC members like Magtanggol Gatdula.

Iglesia Ni Cristo to expel Magtanggol Gatdula as INC member?
INC member Serafin Cuevas to withdraw from Corona impeachment to defend Gatdula?

Remains to be seen.

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