Iglesia Ni Cristo Unity Games

The unity game of Iglesia Ni Cristo was not well-received by INC members compared to their unity in voting politicians during Philippine elections. The Manalo doctrine of block voting has started way back during Felix Manalo's reign as INC head. INC members were also united in marching down the EDSA 3 to oust a president. Sadly, INC members are more interested and indoctrinated to be united in political activities but not in sports events to display and practice sportsmanship and camaraderie among fellow men.

The cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is not well known for its public service and helping other people outside their church. INC is more active in political practices such as block voting, government appointments and influencing politicians.

Have you ever heard the 'millions' of INC members taking pride or speaking out or being vocal about their public services or civic works? No, because they don't have any big efforts with such things. They don't spend time and money for big opportunities to help other people. What can we hear is that INC members are proud to vote Gloria Arroyo as president in 2004 elections. For them, it was the unity of 'millions' of Iglesia Ni Cristo members that helped Gloria Arroyo to win. Naive cult followers. Hello Garci.

I hope Iglesia Ni Cristo would improve their unity in sporting events instead of infesting the Philippine political landscape by uniting in block voting, endorsing government appointments and influencing politicians. Marching INC members in a unified effort to protest in EDSA 3 is really hard to forget. Woe unto Iglesia Ni Cristo members being fooled by their leaders.

Iglesia Ni Cristo was united in EDSA3,
a political protest against a government to overthrow a president.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members was united in voting Gloria Arroyo as president in 2004.
Arroyo is believed to be the most corrupt Philippine president.

Wrestling event (Manila division)
Some INC members have united in beating up Pentecostal preacher and members in a debate

Basketball event
After loosing a game of basketball, some INC members have united in killing and butchering rival basketball players inside an INC chapel in Punta Sta Ana Manila.

Swimming event
After being killed by INC members and deacon inside the INC chapel in Punta Sta Ana Manila, the body of 5 PUP Students was found to be floating in Pasig river.

Wrestling event (Pampanga division)
INC members allegedly beat a tricycle driver to a pulp.
A certain Senior Police Officer 1 Avelino Balingit Jr. of the Apalit police force, an alleged INC member, arrested the poor victim without a warrant

Shooting event
As reported by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) that 3 Marine soldiers were shot and killed trying to shut down INC's DZEC radio tower

Shooting event (Bataan Division)
INC Minister shoots farmer dead

Shooting event (Laguna Division)
Ministro Namaril

Iglesia Ni Cristo members.
United they stand wickedly.
United they fall shamelessly.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members can be expelled by destroying the unity of INC in politics by refusing to vote the preferred politicians ng 'pamamahala'. This show how serious INC is about their 'sacred' unity in political concerns. The fools are suffering while their leaders are laughing. Shame on you Eduardo Manalo.

Unity. Sportsmanship. Camaraderie.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Unity Games

Iglesia Ni Cristo Unity Games

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