Iglesia Ni Cristo is investing in Realties, Properties and Politics

With members coming from mostly poor families living in a third world country that struggles to fight poverty and starvation, the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo continues to buy expensive properties inside and outside the Philippines. INC members may claim that it is the will of their god to buy these properties but the scriptures directly contradicts their simple and naive reasoning.

How can the Almighty be pleased with the INC chapels and properties while criminals acts are being committed by INC members? Iglesia Ni Cristo members includes thousands of criminal convicts plus the ministers and deacons who killed and brutally tortured the 5 PUP students inside the INC chapel in Punta Sta Ana Manila. Iglesia Ni Cristo members are also being used for political reasons just like the EDSA3 violent rally and the Feb 28 2012 rally for Corona. INC god is pleased?

Where does the political cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo get their money to buy properties?
Politicians? Businesses? Money from heaven? From hell?

Under the Gloria Arroyo corrupt regime, Iglesia Ni Cristo enjoyed a lot of accommodation - like government positions for INC members. Under Noynoy Aquino administration, INC member, former NBI chief was expelled for extortion and kidnapping charges. I don't think these kind of acts are works from heaven. Only fools can say that Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is blessed from the one above.

Eduardo Manalo, the current minister reigning the INC cult, has a lot of explaining to do when he meet Felix and Erano Manalo in hell. The Feb 28 INC rally to support Corona have put INC in an embarrassing state. Even the expensive and worthless purchases of properties for the 100 INC anniversary are very poor decisions made by Eduardo Manalo. Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is going down the drain. The massive decrease of INC membership is already alarming. People do not want to be associated with the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo anymore. Times have changed. Felix and Erano Manalo are already rotting on their graves. Gloria Arroyo is currently in jail. I pity the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.

to Vice-President of the Philippines Jojo Binay,
Iglesia Ni Cristo cult will support you as president,
as long as you will top the surveys before the election.

(Matthew 6:19) - Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

Mikey committed fraud to purchase beachfront house?

Corona changes story on California property

Iglesia Ni Cristo La Motte, Iowa - Holy Rosary Church

Iglesia Ni Cristo recently acquired properties
New Iglesia Ni Cristo location in Los Angeles, CA: Project Cost:$7,600,000.00

Iglesia Ni Cristo Property in El Cajon California worth $1,755,000

South Dakota ghost town now owned by Iglesia Ni Cristo
The Iglesia Ni Cristo church in the Philippines shelled out $700,000

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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