Iglesia Ni Cristo persecutes their enemies

Iglesia Ni Cristo persecutes their enemies

The cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is not being admired for their Christian values but instead, it is being feared and detested. The political history of INC is also well-known for being on the wrong side of history. INC members of the Manalo family were hurt and died in the violent anti-government protest EDSA3. Iglesia Ni Cristo is also infamously took the side of former Ombudsman Gutierrez and CJ Renato Corona. The INC cult persecutes their enemies sometimes if not at most, in a violent way. Jail, Hospital or Cemetery? That would be your only choices of destination in questioning Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family.

Iglesia Ni Cristo against Press Freedom
When Ross Tipon wrote the book The Power and the Glory: The Cult of Manalo - discussing the cult of the Manalo family, Iglesia Ni Cristo filed a law suit preventing Ross Tipon in publishing the book. On record, the lawyer of INC even threatened that it would cause a social unrest once the book got published. Eventually, INC lost the case. Thankfully, Philippines is a democratic country. [link]

INC Minister Rizalino Ocampo punches lawyer
Rizalino Ocampo was convicted by a judicial court for punching a lawyer and to be imprisoned for 2 months. I am not surprised. Iglesia Ni Cristo is really barbaric, even their ministers. Rizalino Ocampo went berserk when the Rosita Trillanes Rape case of Felix Manalo was mentioned during a court hearing. [link] [link]

INC members mauled a tricycle driver (during the feast of St. John)
INC members allegedly beat a tricycle driver to a pulp. A certain Senior Police Officer 1 Avelino Balingit Jr. of the Apalit police force, an alleged INC member, arrested the poor victim without a warrant. (The tricycle driver is a catholic and was celebrating the feast of St. John.) [link]

John Regala punched a taxi driver
(INC member) John Regala accused of mauling cabbie, actor's wife denies charge. The poor taxi driver was allegedly punched by John Regala because of traffic altercation. [link]

NBI-INC agents wrongfully beat up a victim
A report of alleged INC bad boys in the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) wrongfully arrested and beaten up a wrong suspect. After learning their mistake, the INC member asked the victim 'Iglesia Ka Ba'? [link]

Iglesia Ni Cristo members beat up Pentecostal preachers on a debate
INC members also stole the video equipment that belongs to PMCC preachers. [image]

10 Iglesia Ni Cristo members beat up a policeman
The INC members even drag the policeman from his vehicle to the premises inside the INC chapel. [link] [image]

Murder and Massacre inside INC Chapel
(just because of Basketball) PUP Students was murdered by Iglesia Ni Cristo members inside the INC chapel. The bodies of murder victims by Iglesia Ni Cristo members were found floating on the Pasig River. The suspected murderers are INC minister, deacon and INC members. 8 years later, the suspects was convicted by the Philippine Supreme Court. [link]

All-out persecution to Bro. Eli Soriano
Bro. Eli Soriano is the closest and biggest rival of the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family. David versus Goliath. It is a classic battle between Good versus Evil (INC). Iglesia Ni Cristo even launched Ang Tamang Daan program dedicated solely in attacking Soriano. Malicious comics and edited video tapes was used to malign Soriano by INC ministers. INC also filed a lot of bogus court cases which INC lost shamelessly. NBI (which was headed by an INC member at that time) was used to harass the people inside ADD compound.

The political group Iglesia Ni Cristo used time and money in trying to bring down Bro. Eli Soriano.
Obviously, the evil camp of Iglesia Ni Cristo failed.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members attack Catholic church
INC bloggers are constantly attacking the Catholic church in the internet on a daily basis. Different forums and blog sites are being used by INC members to attack Catholics. Shamelessly, INC bloggers shows no remorse for maligning other people. [link] [link]

As you can see, and as record shows,
Iglesia Ni Cristo is merciless, ruthless and vicious to their enemies that attacks INC.
Only the brave ones dare to expose the lies of the Iglesia Ni Cristo by Manalo family.

 • Know more about the Felix Manalo and Rosita Trillanes Rape Case:

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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  1. wicked cult!!!!!! kaya maraming kalamidad sa pilipinas gawa ng mga kultong ito eh....isama niyo na si quiboloy(mahilig sa aboloy).....manalo at quiboloy stone to death yang mga yan!!!! salot sa lipunan.!!!!