Iglesia Ni Cristo members are political rally professionals

Rally / Protest against poverty? Nah
Rally / Protest for better/more jobs? Nah
Rally / Protest for better health care? Nah
Rally / Protest for Political reasons? Hell YES

1. Apr 30-May 01 2001 @ EDSA 3

2. July 27, 2009 @ Rizal Stadium

3. Feb 09 2012 @ Padre Paura

4. Feb 28 2012 @ Quirino Grandstand

Iglesia Ni Cristo and EDSA 3
Iglesia Ni Cristo members was involved in the violent anti-government protest EDSA3. Reports also say that the Manalo family may have direct hands on instructing their members to go to EDSA3. If EDSA3 is not a political rally of INC then what are you going to call it? Worse thing is, after the EDSA3, after INC members were hurt and died fighting with the authorities in EDSA3, the Manalo family of Iglesia Ni Cristo washed their hands and declared that they have nothing to do with EDSA3. Cowards. Hypocrites. The fault of INC members who died are among themselves. What a cruel, irresponsible leaders the INC cult have. Only ignorant fools will deny the participation of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult in EDSA3. Only blind Manalo followers will deny the participation of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult in EDSA3.

Iglesia Ni Cristo and EDSA3 will be forever be written in Philippine history that it is a disaster whenever a political cult intervenes with politics and will only result to an eternal damnation. There's a reason why church and politics should be separated. Sadly, Manalo family of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has a problem in understanding a simple lesson from history. That Politics should remain as it is. No scriptures should be used by INC to justify their actions in EDSA3.

Iglesia Ni Cristo 95th Anniversary (1 year before election)
Year 2009 is one year away from the Philippine 2010 elections. Why is that the 95th INC Anniversary is different to 93rd, 94th, 96th, 97th and other INC Anniversaries? Why is that the 95th INC Anniversary is quite special and more festive compare to other INC anniversaries? My answer is that INC was trying to impress politicians that INC has the numbers to affect votes and therefore politicians should ask and beg for INC block vote. Respect. Manny Villar made some appearances during the INC 95th Anniversary but he eventually failed in getting the INC vote for 2010 presidential election. Why? Because INC went to the election survey leader Noynoy Aquino to ensure victory for INC.

Iglesia Ni Cristo simply cannot fail on their 2010 presidential endorsement since Eduardo Manalo was still a new INC leader back then. Problem was, the weakness of INC vote appeared with the vice President election. INC endorsed Mar Roxas lost. INC related party list Alagad with its INC member representative Marcoleta received a pathetic level number of votes. Some INC members, if not most, have no idea about the plan and reason behind the fireworks and festivities of the INC 95th anniversary. We know better than them.

Iglesia Ni Cristo @ Padre Faura to cheer up CJ Corona
Filipinos love Noynoy Aquino
Filipinos hate Gloria Arroyo
Iglesia Ni Cristo loves Gloria Arroyo (and vice-versa)

The small wicked lady (midnight) appointed Corona.
Iglesia Ni Cristo supports Renato Corona.

Blitzkrieg Cuevas inspired attack - On a misfortunate day of February 09, 2012; 7,000 Iglesia Ni Cristo members suddenly stormed the Supreme Court office in Padre Faura to show strong support for Renato Corona. The impeachment case against Corona seems to be working and the public are being informed about the atrocities of Corona, thus, the INC made a little drama and Corona did not hesitated to drop some tears in front of the screaming INC members. Walang Iiyak - sigaw ng mga Manalo followers.

No rally permit?
Attendance sheet for a rally?

P500 or Chicken joy or simply following orders from Eduardo Manalo? Why did INC members attended the Feb 9 pro-Corona rally? A warm up for the bigger Feb 28 rally? To influence or even scare the Senator-judges on the on-going Corona impeachment trial? Mukhang walang kapaguran ang mga Iglesia Ni Cristo members sa pagsali sa mga political rally ah. Panatiko sa utos ni Eduardo Manalo? Kahit anong utos, handang sundin ang mga Manalo? Nasaan na ang mga utak ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo members? Bulag umaakay sa bulag ay kapwa mahuhulog sa hukay. Nauna na si Felix at Erano Manalo sa hukay, kasunod na ang mga panatiko.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Feb. 28 Rally
Feb 28 Iglesia Ni Cristo 'prayer' rally? A religious event? Who are you fooling? It is very obvious that the INC Feb28 rally is a show of support for Renato Corona and Magtanggol Gatdula. (Gatdula was dismissed from his former NBI post because of kidnapping and extortion charges) But before Gatdula, INC Member Artemio Tuquero was also scratch-off by PNoy from Judicial Bar Council. Some INC members are crying foul for lack of respect to INC. They are expecting a gratitude from PNoy for being endorsed by INC lat 2010 elections. That is how the INC members way of thinking. Politicians should give favors to INC for being endorsed during elections.

Obviously, the result of the Feb. 28 INC rally was an embarrassment.

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