Eduardo Manalo and the INC Lobbying

INC ‘lobbying’ for Corona acquittal

Impeachment discussed in Aquino, Iglesia leader meeting

Aquino meets with INC head in QC headquarters, says Palace exec

PNoy meets with INC on eve of CJ testimony

Why did President Noynoy Aquino have to visit INC headquarters? PNoy need to calm down a political cult like INC. Iglesia Ni Cristo might have threatened PNoy for another violent EDSA 3. Remember EDSA3 when INC members fought with the authorities and died? INC is a very dangerous group. INC members are ready to attend and join any political rally as long as their Executive Minister gave a marching other. We do not need another violent protest of INC like what they did in EDSA 3. We cannot risk another set back of a democratic process. The barbaric way of INC in getting what they need is unforgivable. INC members died and wasted their lives in EDSA 3.

Tupas: Iglesia lobbying for Gutierrez

Lobbying is not a new thing with Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family. It has been reported previously that INC was trying to influence Congressmen during the impeachment complaint of former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas Jr., chair of the House committee on justice revealed that a high-ranking INC official (Cuevas?) have called members of the House of Representatives, urging them to kill the impeachment complaint against Gutierrez. Fortunately, the Congressmen have enough of the INC antics and dirty tactics of intervening politics. Former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez was 'forced' to resign after the impeachment case against her prospered. After this, Iglesia Ni Cristo received another injury from PNoy, when the president have set aside the appointment of INC member Artemio Tuquero as a member of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC). This maybe one of the reason why INC is getting more anti-Noynoy Aquino government.

INC influencing Ruby Rose slay case?

Why does the Iglesia Ni Cristo is very much concerned about the impeachment case of CJ Corona? Why is that INC is very much involved in lobbying? Well, lobbying about the acquittal of Renato Corona in the impeachment trial is synonymous in influencing the decision of the judges and the impeachment court. Just like what have been reported in INC influencing the Ruby Rose slay case. One of the main suspect in the brutal murder of Ruby Rose is an INC member. Freeing CJ Corona may provide a debt of gratitude to INC. Any wish can be granted under the power of CJ Corona, which may include the acquittal of INC member from the Ruby Rose murder case. Iglesia Ni Cristo has also thousands of members inside the prison cells, including INC ministers and officials. The convicted INC criminals can receive favorable decisions if the cult of INC have a sympathetic court or judge on their side. Yes, we have a rotten judicial system.

Eduardo Manalo is the current executive minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. The impeachment trial is a political process. Why does Eduardo Manalo and the INC cult allow themselves to be involved with the Corona impeachment? We all know the INC is a close ally of Gloria Arroyo. We all know that Renato Corona is a (midnight) appointee of Gloria Arroyo. Eduardo Manalo have no choice but to support Corona, for political and survival reasons. Iglesia Ni Cristo is being despised by the greater Filipino people for being too much into politics. Lobbying = Influencing. I am quite sure that the heaven will simply not allow Eduardo Manalo be scot free and unpunished for this.
Dirty politics and religion should not be mixed.

image credit: Inquirer

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