Iglesia Ni Cristo in Angeles City Pampanga (July 27 is non-working holiday)

Iglesia Ni Cristo Angeles City

July 2012 - Are the local officials of Angeles City Pampanga FOOLS for declaring July 27 a non-working holiday for Iglesia Ni Cristo? Iglesia Ni Cristo cult members may say it's amazing! Thanks to trapo (traditional politicians, may also mean rug in tagalog) former Mayor Francis Nepomuceno and still Vice Mayor Vicky Vega-Cabigting for declaring such a worthless non-working holiday in Angeles City.

Maybe there's a clear reason why Francis Nepomuceno is no longer the Mayor of Angeles City. INC members are not that many in Angeles City Pampanga and that the greater number of voting citizens of Angeles City know that declaring July 27 as a non working holiday for Iglesia Ni Manalo is a stupid idea.

Iglesia Ni Cristo political cult group is well-known in political arena in intervening national affairs like what have been reported to recently concluded highly profile impeachment case of ex-CJ Renato Corona. Corona was found guilty of charges filed against him. INC led by Eduardo Manalo even held 2 protests to show support to the embattled and troubled Renato Corona. What a Shame!

Iglesia Ni Cristo was also involved in an anti-government violent protest in EDSA3, which local and international news agencies witnessed. INC cult members was hurt and died and fighting the authorities during EDSA 3. The Manalo family denied any involvement in EDSA3. What an embarrassment!

Manalo family have a strong grip in the INC leadership. It's a family affair. Felix Manalo (accused of raping Rosita Trillanes). Erano Manalo (close ally of Gloria Arroyo). Eduardo Manalo (suffered a series of lousy political decisions to keep INC relevant in political arena). Only Manalo blood can rule the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

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July 27 is non-working holiday in Angeles City

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