Iglesia Ni Cristo near Senate at UP Diliman

Senate transferring to UP campus Diliman?

This would benefit Iglesia Ni Cristo.
1. Political rallies of INC cult members would be more accessible from INC headquarters in Diliman.
2. Political lobbying of Iglesia Ni Cristo would be more easier.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members are political rally professionals

Iglesia Ni Cristo members would never rally about healthcare, more jobs or about poverty. No. But for political reason? Hell Yes!. (Apr 30-May 01 2001 @ EDSA 3July 27, 2009 @ Rizal StadiumFeb 09 2012 @ Padre PauraFeb 28 2012 @ Quirino Grandstand) If for any reason, Iglesia Ni Cristo political allies like Gloria Arroyo needs a support from Iglesia Ni Cristo, or one of the INC members are in trouble like Gatdula or a law needs to be passed favoring or damaging INC cult, the House of Senate will now be just a walk away from INC cult members. Iglesia Ni Cristo is ruthless in supporting their political allies. INC leadership is willing to lose or have their members killed in political rallies just to show their loyalty just like what happened in EDSA3 where INC members died in fighting the authorities during a violent rally.

Iglesia Ni Cristo intervening Ombudsman impeachment?

Eduardo Manalo and the INC Lobbying (Renato Corona)

Who can forget and forgive Iglesia Ni Cristo cult for supporting expelled ex-CJ Renato Corona? INC even staged 2 major rallies to support Corona. INC member lawyer (Serafin Cuevas) even defended Renato Corona in the Senate Impeachment Court. Aside from that, there reports that the INC administration lobbied for the acquittal of Corona. What a shame! With Senate House moving to UP Diliman at Quezon City, the lobbying practice of Iglesia Ni Cristo will be just a walk away from INC headquarters. The poor leadership of Eduardo Manalo must be glad on this movement by the Senate house near the INC cult camp.

With the ever fast DECREASING INC membership, the INC existence is now depending on political allies and endorsements. Aside from political rallies and lobbying, INC is also known for endorsing politicians during elections. After election, expect INC leadership endorsing INC members on government positions like what happened to Magtanggol Gatdula to his former NBI post. Later, Gatdula was removed from his office for extortion and kidnapping charges. Gatdula brought shame and embarrassment to NBI.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is very dangerous (political) cult.

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