Felix Manalo and Teresa Teodoro (Adultery)

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Aside from the Rosita Trillanes Rape Case,
Teresa Teodora is also another victim of Felix Manalo, to which he had a daughter.
The document below from PMCC coincides with the Affidavit of Tomasa Geronimo published in one of the columns of “Ang Bansa” daily publication.

“Felix Manalo impregnated and bore a child to Teresa Teodoro. Teresa’s child is a girl.”
Affidavit was made on Dec. 29, 1921.

Tomasa Geronimo and Basilia Santiago, both accused by Felix Manalo for “Paninirang Puri” (Libel),
were acquitted by Judge Concepcion for legal evidences proven by the Court:
(published in “Taliba” on May 7, 1923)

“Felix Manalo’s immorality was proven by the court and Manalo was satisfied without appeal.”
• Accusation of Tomasa Geronimo: Criminal Case No. 23858
• Accusation of Basilia Santiago: Criminal Case No. 23859

As record shows, Felix Manalo failed to prove his innocence in court.

Philippine Mission
Churches of Christ
Leslie Wolfe Carrie A. Wolfe

P.O. Box 8774
Manila, P.I.

Oct. 14, 1933

Mr. Salvador Laspinas,
1535 Felix Huertas, Int. C.,

Dear Bro. Laspinas:

I have your letter of Oct. 7th. You know I am sick. I am not able to give you all the information about Felix Manalo that you desire. He was a student in our mission and I was one of his teachers. We had him employed as an evangelist, paying him a salary. He was minister for the church at Singalong for some time. His wife accused him of cruelty and of adultery. She came to my house and showed the wounds which Felix had made by blows on her back. I called the doctor who is now in Manila to examine her wounds. The church at Singalong had an investigation of Felix. The wife of Felix came and made complaints, but Felix did not come. The church at Singalong voted that Felix was guilty of the charges of his wife. As a consequence we took away the salary that we were giving to Felix. Then Felix left us.

I do not have further personal knowledge of the life of Felix. There was, however, a Teresa who studied with us. It was proven in court that Felix was the father of her child.

Bro. Baronia has much typewritten information about Felix Manalo and especially about the Teresa case, which he says he will be glad to furnish to any one desiring the information.

I hope you will be able to continue your work and that you will be very successful. I am

Cordially yours,

Leslie Wolfe


  1. now that is just great. These INC's says that Eli Soriano is the rapist and then I see this document. I think Manalo is the rapist and not the latter.

    1. manalo rapist proven thru this documents