Iglesia Ni Cristo should pay Tax properly

Iglesia Ni Cristo should pay Tax properly

Iglesia Ni Cristo is investing in Realties, Properties and Politics

Not paying taxes is a serious offense. If Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) should be asked, it should be punishable under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (Amla), alongside kidnapping for ransom, plunder and drug trafficking and others. Serious charges have been filed against politicians, personalities and corporations who have not or improperly filed and paid their taxes. Why not? Ordinary workers small government and private workers paid their taxes and why exempt the rich, powerful and crooked ones? Taxes paid gives government some money to provide services to people like, health, education, protection, food, welfare among others.

Philippine Center For Investigation (PCIJ) reported that Iglesia Ni Cristo worked their way to tax-exempt an INC housing project exclusive to INC members only in Rizal. INC leaders even approached and wrote personal letters to a high-ranking politician in Rizal to appeal their case. Former Rizal Provincial Assessor Oscar Baraquero denied the INC request for tax-exemption because the INC Rizal housing project is exclusive to INC members only and cannot be claimed as "... charitable as act of humanity without distinction or limitations as to religious belief, creed or social affiliation." The amount of taxes INC would have to pay is P5 million as assessor estimated. That's P5 million my fellow countrymen , only one of the INC sole corporation properties.

Does the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult, a sole corporation of the Manalo family properly pay their taxes?
Does the Manalo family pay their taxes?
Does the Iglesia Ni Cristo declare all of their properties so the taxes can be paid?

Some INC recently acquired overseas properties:
Iglesia Ni Cristo location in Los Angeles, CA: Project Cost:$7,600,000.00
Iglesia Ni Cristo Property in El Cajon California worth $1,755,000
South Dakota ghost town now owned by Iglesia Ni Cristo $700,000
Iglesia Ni Cristo Stretford Manchester UK worth £750,000

Where's the Tax Declaration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult group?
Since INC is pretty much vulgar and shamelessly active in lobbying, government endorsements and political rallies: I, an ordinary tax-paying Filipino Citizen is demanding transparency and fairness. The suspicious INC needs to explain themselves. Since INC seems to enjoy Government services and accommodation, Iglesia Ni Cristo needs to pay back to the government. The law of the Philippine land should be followed even by a political cult masquerading as a religious organization. BIR should investigate the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult of the Manalo family.

Since INC cult supported tax-questionable convicted Renato Corona,
I think it's only fair that the Iglesia Ni Cristo should also be investigated for any tax violations being imposed by the government.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos
If a news about the Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos as one of the sons of Felix Manalo in many women is true, then Jun Santos is the most qualified soul that can explain the wealth and riches of the Manalo family. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos reportedly lives in a mansion in Kalaw, Tierra Pura Subdivision. If the INC auditor general Jun Santos is really a son of INC founder Felix Manalo, this means that Jun Santos and Eraño Manalo have the same father, they are brothers. This would also mean that the INC auditor general Jun Santos is uncle of the current INC executive minister Eduardo V. Manalo. Shame and scandal in the family. Shame and scandal in the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Should Be Investigated

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Iglesia Ni Cristo


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